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​Jiangsu Chuanglan Solar Air Conditioner CO., LTD is a pioneer in renewable energy exploitation and utilization, We have been devoting on the development of energy saving environmental product, production and sales on solar energy products.

With our independent designing and research team, We have successfully gained the whole intellectual property right on saving energy products due to our developing innovation spirit and efficiency developing ability.


We have 80 patents on hybrid solar air conditioner at home and abroad.We specialize in the manufacturing of hybrid solar air conditioner, solar water heaters, atmospheric water generators and water purifiers with high technology, large production scale and marketing advantages.

With a plant of over 22000 square meter, full automatic production lines of 500000 units annually capacity and advanced equipment on R&D and testing, Chuanglan is only one with property right, research team, production line and sales team on hybrid solar conditioner industry.We have successfully marketed our products to over 30 countries, which is a great outcome of our sales team under the full support of R&D and production departments. Thus, we have achieved a leap forward in development in the past few years.

We are aiming at building our name in clean energy development and usage. By having hybrid solar air conditioner as our corn product, we are also working to diversify in solar water heaters, atmospheric drinking water generator, high energy drinkable water machines etc.A technicalization, industrialization and in ternationalization ,Chuanglan is appearing into the market.

Solar energy is an endless, free and clean energy. Majority countries are using solar energy and engage themselves in development and research on it. Jiangsu Chuanglan Solar Air Conditioner Co., Ltd. as the only company that  with research and development ability on solar air conditioner in China, it is also the pioneer in the same field in the world. Chuanglan is with a bright prospect supporting by its growing production ability and extending sales markets.

On the basis of the globalization strategy, We have established a multi-channel and multilevel marketing system. Nearly hundred domestic foreign trading companies and webs promoting our products all over the world. We has participated many times in Canton Fair and Oversea Fairs, more than ten thousand customers visited the booth. We have exported our products to more than 30 countries and regions and make a good sound. We are with long-term cooperation of more than 100 trading companies . So far, up to thirty thousand foreign clients come here to visit and negotiate.

With our independent designing and research team, We have successfully gained the whole intellectual property right on saving energy products due to our developing innovation spirit and efficiency developing ability.At present, We are cooperating with Southeast University who is on the list 211 project(the top 110 universities in 21st Century in China) and 985 project(Chinese government trying to build a few universities that can meet with world 1st class standards and with high research capability.) in order to develop a new generation of hybrid solar air conditioner which can save over 90% electricity.Lab and Experiment Base for Central Solar Air Conditioner is established in our company according to the instruction by Suzhou Government and Changshu Government.

Our equip with specialized automatic indoor and outdoor unit production lines, enthalpy difference test center, safety performance test machine, halogen testing machine,
BAL-20D mini testing system, capillary flow rate testing machine and digital electrical data testing machine etc.Advanced standard production management system and scientific quality inspection system assure our products constantly into the global market. 
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